Hi, we're the Moyer family. Brandon and I met in the small town of Sparrows Point, Maryland in summer of 2010 and have been best friends ever since. Two cats, one dog, and a house later, we got married on April 20th of 2018. Getting outside and traveling has been a priority for us since the very beginning, and this is where we will be sharing it all. 


I'm Meghan (the one that posts these things). I'm 23, and a graphic designer with a degree in Visual Communication Design with a minor in Marketing. It has been a dream of mine since I've been 10 years old to visit all 50 states. 26 down, 24 to go. www.meghanderoose.com


Brandon is the perfect blend of a mountain man and a beach bum. Mechanic by day, he uses nature as an escape from traditional everyday life. He usually sports a pretty cool mustache, and aspires to be leader of a dog pack one day.


Goliath is a one year old Alaskan Malamute. He enjoys hiking, barking at his humans, tormenting his cat siblings, peanut butter, and weather below 60 degrees. He also has his own instagram.


Jade & Jasper

Jade is a four year old tabby cat. I rescued her at 12 weeks old in my junior year in college. Jasper (also known as "Mans") is a two year old black cat that we brought into our lives when my aunt's alley cat gave birth to a liter of 6. They're not big adventurers yet, but they will be very soon.